Ecco Gelato -the coolest place in Sherborne

There's a lot going on in Long Street, Sherborne.

Delicious home made gelato, the best coffee in Sherborne, a sizzling wi-fi connection and some cool music.

Come and try it.

Gelato is a high quality milk based “ice-cream” that is made and sold fresh. It is not actually ice-cream and an artisan Gelatiere would be insulted if their product was labelled as such. Gelato is made from milk, and is softer, contains less fat and air , is denser, and has a warmer feel as it is served at minus 10- 12 Centigrade.

All the varieties on sale at Ecco Gelato will contain locally-sourced milk and fresh fruits from local markets when in season. The products on offer will vary according to season and availability but will include gelato, sorbettas (made from fruit)  5 coffees, mocca, hot chocolate and tea. Everything will be freshly made on the premises.

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